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Manage Subscription

For Android users, Foxit offers a 7-day free trial to try out the advanced features in Foxit PDF Editor for Android. When the free trial expires, you can optionally purchase a subscription to get the advanced features. For iOS users, you need to subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor to access and activate the advanced features. The subscription works for Foxit PDF Editor across your Android and iOS devices.  

Create a Foxit Account

To subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor, you need a Foxit Account. And after a successful subscription, you can log in to your Foxit Account to use the advanced features.

To create a Foxit account:

Tip: If you have already created Foxit Account on the Foxit website, you can sign in with your account information from within Foxit PDF Editor directly.

Sign in to Foxit Account

Subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor

Users can subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor to get the advanced features, including:

You can subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor by the following way: