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Add Signatures

Foxit PDF Editor provides a simple but useful signing tool to let you sign a PDF document with your personal signature.

Create a Signature


Sign a Document

Tip: Once applied, the signature cannot be edited or moved. The signature and all other changes made to the document will be saved. 

Verify a Digital Signature (Subscription Required)

If a PDF document contains a digital signature, you can verify the digital signature to ensure that it is valid. The steps are as follows:

View Signed Versions of a Digitally Signed PDF

For a document digitally signed several times, all the digital signatures and their corresponding versions can be accessed from the Digital Signatures panel. To view the previous versions of a signed PDF, please follow the steps below.

Add Certificates to the Trusted Certificates List

When you validate or view properties of a digital signature, the validity status may display “unknown” or “could not be verified” if the certificate is not trusted. You can follow the steps below to add trusted certificates to the Trusted Certificates List.

Tip: Before adding a certificate to the Trusted Certificates List, you need to upload the certificate to Foxit PDF Editor or save it on your Android device.

Edit a Saved Signature

Clear a Saved Signature