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Manage Files and Folders

Foxit PDF Editor easily allows you to do the following:

Create a Folder

Move the File or Folder

Tip: Before moving a file or folder, you should create the destination folder ahead of time.

Copy the File or Folder

Do one of the following:

Tip: Before copying the file or folder, you should create the destination folder ahead of time.

Rename the File or Folder

Share the File

Upload the File

Do one of the following:

Delete the File or Folder

Do one of the following:

Add Tags to Files

With Foxit PDF Editor, you can add tags to files to categorize them in groups, and access and manage your files quickly and easily.

Create and Manage Tags

Create a Tag

Rename or Delete Tags

Add Tags to Files

Foxit PDF Editor provides multiple ways for you to add tags and categorize files conveniently. You can add five tags to a file at the most. For tagged files, you will find a tag icon  displayed in the file details (in List view) in Home or Files > On This <device> (e.g., On This iPad).

Add Tags to Files in the Tag List Window

Add Tags to Files in the File List

To add tags to files listed in the Home or Files view, please follow the steps below.

Add Tags to an Opened File

Follow the steps below to add tags to a currently opened file in Foxit PDF Editor.

Tip: After adding tags to files, you can redo the operations mentioned above to update tags for the files.

Display Files with Tags

You can filter files by tags to quickly find the ones you need.

Remove Tags from Files

To remove tags from a file, please do any of the following:

Zip and Unzip the File or Folder

This feature allows you to reduce thefile size by compressing files and folders into a ZIP file, which helps to save storage space in your device.

To zip the files or folders:

To unzip the files or folders: tap the zip file directly.

Compare Two PDF Files (iOS Only)

Tip: Foxit PDF Editor currently only supports comparing two PDF files at a time.

Save the PDF File

Foxit PDF Editor can save the PDF files automatically to guard against losing your work in case of an application issue or your battery running out. If you want to turn off the AutoSave feature, please choose Discover > Settings, and then slide the Auto Save toggle to OFF. When the AutoSave feature is turned off, Foxit PDF Editor will remind you to save the file when you exit the current file without saving the changes. 

You can save the PDF file after modifying it with the following steps:

Flatten the PDF File (Subscription Required)

Subscribers can flatten a PDF file to make the images, text boxes, fillable elements, or other additions to the PDF become seamlessly integrated into the PDF and prevent further editing. The steps are as follows:

Reduce the File Size (Subscription Required)

Foxit PDF Editor allows subscribers to optimize PDF documents to reduce file size and free up storage space.

Reduce the File Size in the File List

Reduce the Size of an Opened PDF File

Tip: Please note that the optimized PDF file will overwrite the original file by default. Please save the original PDF file as a copy before optimization, if necessary.

View and Edit the Document Properties

Foxit PDF Editor allows users to check and view the document properties, including PDF Version, Title, Subject, Security, and more. Subscribers can also edit document title, subject, creator, author, producer, and keywords to identity a document better.