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Work with Forms

Foxit PDF Editor supports both the AcroForms and XFA forms. You can also create a standard PDF form with Foxit PDF Editor. Working with AcroForms is free in Foxit PDF Editor. To work with XFA forms or create PDF forms, you need to subscribe to Foxit PDF Editor, and log in to your subscription account in Foxit PDF Editor. 

Highlight Form Fields

By default, Foxit PDF Editor highlights the form fields in PDF forms for easy recognition. To change the settings, follow the steps below.

Fill Out Forms

Fill in Interactive PDF Forms

Tip: If you work on a PDF form integrated with Ultraforms technology, Foxit PDF Editor can generate a 2D barcode right onto the form that contains the variable form data. You can use a supported scanner to scan, capture, and incorporate the form data into a database.

Fill in Non-interactive PDF Forms

You can use the Fill & Sign tools to add text and symbols in non-interactive PDF forms.

Tip: For quick access, you can also tap and hold on the document to access the Fill & Sign tools in the pop-up menu when you are in the Fill & Sign mode.

Sign PDF Forms

After filling PDF forms, you can sign PDF forms with your handwritten signatures or certificates. Formore information, please refer to “Add Signatures”.

Reset Form Fields

Flatten Form Fields (Subscription Required)

You can flatten PDF forms to make the form fields a part of the page content and prevent further editing. The steps are as follows:

Import and Export Form Data

Foxit PDF Editor supports to import and export form data in XML format.

To import form data:

To export form data:

Create a PDF Form (Subscription Required)

Create Form Fields

Foxit PDF Editor provides a group of buttons that can be used to create and design form fields in interactive PDF forms. You can add form fields like text fields, check boxes, combo boxes, list boxes, signature fields, radio buttons, and image fields to an interactive PDF form and specify their properties.