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Navigate and Find Contents

Foxit PDF Editor provides multiple ways to help you navigate and find content:

Switch between Files

Navigate through a PDF file

Use the Gesture

When reading a PDF file in Non-Continuous mode, you can also turn pages by a simple touch on anywhere along the left or right border on the document pane. Before that, please do the following in the Settings panel to enable page flipping by touch:

Use the Volume Key

Use the Bluetooth Keyboard

Turn Pages Automatically

You can designate Foxit PDF Editor to turn pages automatically to get a more convenient reading experience. The steps are as follow:

Jump to a Specific Chapter with Outline

Jump to a Specific Page

Jump to a Specific Page with Page Number

Jump to a Specific Page with Page Thumbnail


Jump to a Specific Page with Bookmark

If you have saved pages as bookmarks, you can jump to that specific page by selecting the bookmark. The steps are as follows:

Tip: If you want to bookmark a page, tapon the toolbar on the document pane. For existing bookmarks, you can tap  beside the bookmark in the bookmark pane, and choose Rename or Delete to rename or delete it, if necessary. Tapping the Edit on the top right corner of the bookmark pane will allow you to delete multiple bookmarks or remove all bookmarks from the document.

Jump to a Designated Location or Open a Designated Document with Link

If the PDF file contains links, you can tap the link directly to jump to the designated location in the current document or website.

If the PDF file contains links to documents, you can tap the link directly to open the document in Foxit PDF Editor or other supported application on your mobile device if the linked documents are saved in the same directory of the PDF file.

You can highlight the hyperlinks in PDF files for easy recognition with the following steps:

Tip: Foxit PDF Editor also allows you to add a hyperlink in a PDF file to link to a specific page in the current PDF file or a designated website. Please refer to “Create a Hyperlink” for more information. 

Search and Find Text

Search Text within the PDF file:

Search Text onthe Internet