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Get Started

Foxit PDF Editor is an easy-to-use PDF reader that allows users to view and work with PDF documents on mobile devices while on the go. Please follow the simple steps below to get familiar with Foxit PDF Editor:

About the Main Interface

The main interface in Foxit PDF Editor includes four different views:

Home: This is the default view when you open Foxit PDF Editor. It gives you quick access to the recently opened files and all PDF files on your device.

Files: Get more file locations, which allows you to import files or access files from the tag list or cloud services.

Template: Create a PDF file from featured templates.

Discover: Change the app settings, get help about using the app, and manage your subscription. You can also find the Tool Wizard to quickly access a particular feature at a single tap.    

On the main interface, you can also find a create button for you to create, convert, or merge PDF files.

Find a File

From the main interface, you can find and open a file from the following location:

Display the Toolbar and Tool Tabs

The toolbar usually floats at the top and the bottom of the document pane, and will be hidden automatically while you are reading PDF files. You can tap anywhere on the document to hide or show the toolbar. Please note that if you have enabled page flipping by touch, you need to tap anywhere except the left or right side of the screen to show or hide the toolbar. When the toolbar is hidden from view, quick access tools will be displayed on the upper and lower corner of the document pane, which allows you to view page numbers, access your favorite tools (specified in the Home tab), add a bookmark to the current page, etc.

On the toolbar at the top, you can find tool tabs to switch between different tool groups, including Home, Edit, Comment, Drawing, etc. When the tool tabs are collapsed, you can tap on the tab name to find more options from the list.

When you open a tool tab, all the related toolsets will be displayed on the secondary toolbar. If you are working with Foxit PDF Editor on tablets, you can tap and hold  to drag the secondary toolbar to the desired place on the document pane.

Customize Favorites Toolbar

Foxit PDF Editor adds the most frequently used tools in the favorites toolbar under the Home tab. You can add more tools (comments, edit, or form tools) or remove an existing tool from the toolbar. To use the edit or form tools, you will need to have access to the edit or form features based on subscription.