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Open a File

You can open a file from the following locations:

Open a File from the Local Disks  

If you want to upload files and save them in Foxit PDF Editor, follow the steps below: 

From Desktop iTunes (iOS Only)

If you are using an iOS device, follow Apple’s instructions to upload files from your computer to your mobile device.

From Wi-Fi Transfer

Open a Recently Viewed File 

Tip: The maximum number of files displayed in the Recent list is set to be 50. The earliest file record will be deleted when it reaches the limit. If you need to remove a file record from the Recent list, tap  beside the file and choose Delete Record. You can also tap  at the top of the Recent list to select multiple file records and tap  to remove the selected records from the Recent list.  

Open a File from the Cloud Services

Open a File from SharePoint (iOS Only)

 Subscribers with iOS devices can access files from SharePoint with the following steps:

Open a File Attachment in Email (iOS Only)

Open a PDF File in Safari or Browsers (iOS Only)

Tip: Foxit PDF Editor only allows you to read, manage, print, and share Microsoft Office, TXT,and image files. If you could not open the Microsoft Office, TXT, or image file via the Open-in function in email or browser, please follow the steps in “Upload files” to upload the files to Foxit PDF Editor first.