What's new in Foxit Reader 2.3

New features:

1. PDF automation and batch processing with PDF Tools add-on

With the new PDF Tools add-on, you can process PDF files in batches to improve effectiveness and productivity. This new toolkit allows you to edit document properties, organize PDF pages, add stamps to PDFs, convert images to PDF or vice versa, and more. You can also automate your PDF workflow by applying an Action.

2. Share comments and discussions on PDF documents

The public Discussion Board provides a comment section for ConnectedPDF documents where users can easily post opinions or ideas to share and discuss with others.

3. Organize Connected Review comments for efficient collaboration

During a Connected Review, a list of all comments on the PDF document can be viewed at a glance and filtered (eg. by user) from a comment dashboard.

4. Foxit Cloud Reading

Save, synchronize, and access PDF files in the Foxit Cloud Reading.

5. Print odd pages or even pages

Allow you to specify the print range to print only odd pages or even pages.

6. Support Simplified Chinese

Foxit Reader has been localized in Simplified Chinese to support Chinese users.


What's new in Foxit Reader 2.2.1025

Reduced CPU usage to improve performance.


What's new in Foxit Reader 2.2

New features:

1. Change the color of page backgrounds and document text

Change the color of page backgrounds and document text for a better reading experience.

2. Provide additional annotation features to help users make notes in PDF documents, including:

1) Add static or dynamic stamps to PDF documents to indicate the status or sensitivity of the documents.

2) Add drawing markups in the shape of cloud, polyline, and polygon on PDF documents.

3) Add the Comments panel to let users view comment information (including the creation time, author, status, etc.) and work with comments in a convenient way.

3. Support separate cover page display mode

Display the cover page separately in facing or continuous facing mode to deliver a better reading experience, especially when users are reading a PDF book.

4. Snapshot

Take a snapshot of a selected area from within Foxit Reader, and enable users to copy and paste it in other applications.

Feature enhancements:

1. Show button labels on the toolbar, and allow users to customize the comment toolbar for ease of use.
2. Enhance the ConnectedPDF features to deliver a better user experience in document sharing and tracking.
3. Optimize the text input and display to support more languages.
4. Fixed some issues to improve the stability and reliability of the application.


What's new in Foxit Reader 2.1

New features:

1. Stronger security from the RMS plugin

Add extended policies to strictly control document access and support dynamic revocation by preventing some users from accessing PDFs, or promptly revoke PDFs that have already been shared.

2. Provide additional annotation features, including:

1) Area highlight

Highlight a specified area in a PDF file, including selected text, images, rectangular areas, and more.

2) Callout and textbox comments

Add a comment with a callout that points to a section of your document with an arrow, or a simple text box.

Issue fixes:

1. Fixed some security and stability issues.


What's new in Foxit Reader 2.0

Foxit Reader 2.0 rolls out ConnectedPDF, a breakthrough technology that brings new levels of accountability, collaboration, and productivity to the sharing and tracking of PDF documents worldwide. ConnectedPDF creates a new Internet of Documents by embedding identity and intelligence into PDF documents for the first time. It connects you and your PDF documents, and helps you get control of your content easily.

New features:

1. ConnectedPDF---More than PDF

ConnectedPDF extends the ISO PDF standard to allow each PDF to carry an identity assigned by a cloud service, and allows document tracking and sharing no matter where a document goes or how many distributions and modifications are done to it. ConnectedPDF features are accessed via the Connect menu.

a. Create a ConnectedPDF document

Converts existing PDFs to ConnectedPDF documents with one step. You can also automatically convert any PDF document you work with to a Connected PDF.

b. Register a new version of a ConnectedPDF document

Changed or updated PDF documents can be recorded on the ConnectedPDF server by registering new versions, with all new versions tracked. You can also optionally upload the new version to the server.

c. Request a file

Document users (including both the owner and viewers) can send a request to other users to get files they need or they accidentally deleted, including other versions of a file.

d. Join a connected review without any third-party server

Users with access to a document can join a connected review of a ConnectedPDF document started by a PhantomPDF user without requiring access to a shared server. In a connected review, users can view each other's comments on the document in real time.

e. Control document data and settings on the Document Homepage

Each ConnectedPDF document has a Document Homepage which contains information about the attributes, version history, events, and connections associated with the document. You can access this homepage on the web.

f. Manage file access history and messages with the Personal Homepage

Each ConnectedPDF user has their own Personal Homepage, which allows them to view their own documents, documents they've worked on, and any requests they've sent or received through Connected PDFs.


What's new in Foxit Reader 1.1

New features:

1. Cloud-based shared reviews

Read, reply, and share comments in the cloud for effective collaboration with team members. (Foxit PhantomPDF Business is required to initiate a cloud-based shared review, but Foxit Reader users can participate in the reviews).

2. Retina display support

Get the best reading experience from your high-resolution Retina display.

3. Mac trackpad gestures

Scroll, rotate, zoom in, and zoom out on the PDF file with Mac trackpad gestures.

4. Add and open file attachments

Open and view attachments embedded in PDF files, and attach files to PDF files for quick and easy reference.

5. Drawing markup tools

Help users add lines, ovals, rectangles, and arrows to PDF files, making it easy to provide visual feedback on PDF documents during reading and reviewing.


What's new in Foxit Reader 1.0

New features:

1. Flexible Document Views

Supports multi-tab document view and flexible page display modes to deliver a better reading experience.

2. PDF Navigation by Page Number, Page Thumbnail, or Bookmark

Allows you to easily and quickly jump to a certain page or a specific chapter by Page Number, Page Thumbnail, or Bookmark.

3. Text Search

Supports searching text to find specific information in PDF files.

4. Add Comments with Feature Rich Comment Tools

Provides feature rich comment tools to help you add text markups, freeform drawings, lines of text, and note comments in PDF files with ease.

5. Microsoft® RMS Integration

Allows you to decrypt and encrypt Microsoft Active Directory® or Azure Rights Management Services protected PDF files through the optional Foxit RMS Plug-in.

6. Security Watermarks

Enables you to add static or dynamic security watermarks in PDF files to prevent the unintentional distribution of sensitive materials.


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