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Organize PDF Pages

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile allows users to organize PDF files on the page level, including:

Users have free access to page rotation, reorder, and deletion features. Subscribers can unlock more PDF organization functions, including inserting pages and extracting pages.

Access Page Organization Mode

On the document pane, tap on the toolbar on the top to open the Thumbnail window. Then tap in the Thumbnail window to open the Organize Page window. .

In the page organization mode, all the page thumbnails will be displayed in the Organize Page window, and a blue rectangle will be shown on the thumbnail to indicate the current page. From the Organize Page window, you can organize PDF pages with ease.

Insert Pages

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile allows subscribers to insert blank pages, PDF files, or images into an existing PDF file.

Insert Blank Pages

You can insert blank pages with specified color, size, and orientation into an existing PDF file. Steps are as follows:

Insert PDF Files

You can insert PDF files into an existing one with the following steps:

Insert Photos

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile allows subscribers to insert photos into an existing PDF file. You can select existing photos from your photo album, or directly take photos using the camera. The photos will be converted to PDF and inserted into the PDF file as PDF pages.

Insert Photos from Photo Album

Insert Photos from Camera

Tip: If you do not select any page thumbnail before inserting the pages, the blank page, image, or PDF file will be inserted after the last page of the existing PDF by default. After insertion, you can reorder pages, if necessary.

Reorder Pages

Rotate Pages

You can rotate pages in 90-degree increments, either clockwise or anticlockwise. Changes are made to the page orientation and can be saved to the PDF file.

Delete Pages

Tip: Please note that the pages cannot be restored once deleted.

Extract Pages

Subscribers can extract selected pages and save them as a new PDF file. Steps are as follows:

Exit the Page Organization Mode

Once finished, you can select Done and tap the Back icon to exit the page organization mode.