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Work with File Attachments

Foxit PDF Editor supports two kinds of file attachments: file attachment as a comment pinned in a specified location of the PDF document, and file attachment embedded in the PDF document. You can do the following with Foxit PDF Editor:  

View a File Attachment

If a PDF file contains file attachments, you can view the file attachments with Foxit PDF Editor by the following steps:


Add File Attachments

You can add a file attachment with Foxit PDF Editor in two ways: add a file as a comment to a specific location in the document and attach a file to the document.

Add a File as a Comment to a Specific Location in the Document

Tip: Files added in this way will be displayed as attachment icons on the document page, and will also be displayed in the attachment pane.

Attach Files to the Document

If you want to add a note to the file attachment, please follow the steps below:

Tip: Files attached in this way are invisible in the page view, but you can find and open them in the attachment pane.

Manage File Attachments

Save File Attachment as a Copy

Manage the Attachment Icon

For the file attachment pinned in a specific location of the document as a comment, an attachment icon will be displayed in the document.

Delete File Attachments

Tip: For the file attachment pinned to a specific location of the document as a comment, you can also delete it by the following steps:

Flatten File Attachments (Subscription Required)

Subscribers can flatten attachments that are attached as comments in PDF files. The attachments will become part of the PDF file and cannot be modified after flattening. To flatten an attachment, please follow the steps below.