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Adjust PDF Views

While reading a PDF file, you can enhance your PDF viewing with the following:

Page Display Mode Settings

Set the Display Mode

While reading a PDF file, you can change its display mode with the following steps:

Show or Hide Page Separator

When reading in Facing or Cover Facing mode, Foxit PDF Editor will show the separator between pages by default. You can hide the page separator with the following steps:

To show the hidden page separator in Facing or Cover Facing mode, you can redo the steps and slide the Separator in Facing Mode toggle to on.

Night Mode

Night Mode allows easier reading in low light conditions by inverting black and white in your documents, which helps to relieve eye strain as well as save the device’s battery.

For tablets

For phones

Text Reflow

To accessthe text reflow mode:

For tablets

For phones

In the text reflow mode, change the settings as desired by doing the following:

To exit the text reflow mode:

Rotate View

Note: The rotate view setting only temporarily changes your view of the page in 90-degree increments. If you need to change the page orientation and save the changes to the PDF file, please subscribe to Foxit services and use the “Organize PDF Pages” features.

Zoom In and Zoom Out Settings

Zoom In and Zoom Out of the PDF File

Choose one of the following to zoom in or out of the PDF file:

Pan and Zoom

The Pan and Zoom tool gives you an overview of the current page, and displays a rectangle on the overview to indicate which part of the page is being displayed in Foxit PDF Editor. You can use this tool to pan around pages and zoom the specified part of a page, which is very useful when you are viewing a large file and cannot see your whole document page. The steps are as follows:

Fit Page and Fit Width

For tablets

For phones

Crop Mode Settings

Crop mode helps you remove unnecessary document margins and extra white space for a better reading experience.

To crop the document margins:

To restore the cropped margins, repeat Step 1, and choose Remove all page cropping.

Change the Color of Page Backgrounds

While reading a PDF file, you can change the color of page backgrounds to get a better reading experience. The steps are as follow: