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Comment Tools Overview

Foxit Reader provides a full set of feature rich tools to help you comment on PDF files easily. Comment tools include the Text Markup tools, Typewriter, Note tool, Drawing tools, and stamp tools. You can also click the pin icon in the Comments toolbar to keep the tool selected, so you can use the tools continuously without having to select the specific tool after each use.

Text Markup Tools: Add text markups to the PDF file.

Typewriter and Pin Tools: Add lines of text, note comments, or file attachments to the PDF file.

Drawing Markup Tools: Add drawing markups to the PDF file.

Stamp Tool: Add stamps to the PDF file.

Comment Format Settings: Change the appearance of the comments.

Highlight Tool: Highlight the selected text in the PDF file.

Customize Comment Tools

You can follow the steps below to customize the Comments toolbar to ensure that the comment tools that are mostly used are close at hand.

Tip: You can click Reset in the Customize Toolbar dialog box to reset the Comments toolbar to the default mode.

Add Comments in the PDF File

Add a Text Markup

Add a Note Comment

Add a Drawing Markup

Add a Rectangle, Line, Arrow, Circle, Polyline, Polygon, or Cloud

Draw a Free-form Shape

Highlight an Area

Add a Text Comment

Click in the Common Tools toolbar;

Add a Stamp

Manage Comments

Change the Appearances of Comments

You can change the appearances of comments by one of the following two ways:

1. Change the appearances of comments in the Properties dialog box

Tip: In the Properties dialog box, you can: 1) check Locked option to lock the current settings and prevent others from changing the properties; 2) check Set Current Properties as Default option to set the current properties as the default.

2. Change the appearances of comments from the Comments toolbar

Line Width: Set the line thickness of the comment. This option is available for comments with border lines (drawing markups and text comments).

Line Color: Set the color and opacity of the comment.

Font: Set the font, font color, font style, font size, and text alignment. This option is available for text comments added by Typewriter, Callout, or Textbox tool. You should select the text first if you want to change the appearance of text added by those text comment tools.

Tip: Stamps are preset in Foxit Reader. You cannot change the appearance of stamps.

Move the Comments

Note: You cannot move the text markups.

Delete the Comments

Please do one of the following to delete a comment:

Reply to Comments

Tip: Alternatively, you can click the comment that you want to reply to in the Comments panel, and then input text in the Reply field.

Set a Status

The status of a comment indicates the review process or action of the review participants.

You can do one of the following to add a review status to indicate which comment you want to accept, reject, cancel, or complete:

Tip: To remove the review status, follow the steps above and choose None from the context menu.

You can do one of the following to add a checkmark status to indicate which comment you have read or require further action:

Tip: To remove the checkmark status, follow the steps above and choose Remove Checkmark, or uncheck the status box .

Sort Comments

You can sort comments by page, author, creation date, type, status, or checkmark.