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Install Foxit PDF Reader

System Requirements

Recommended Minimum Hardware

Install Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is offered in two editions: App Store Edition which is available in the Mac App Store, and Website Edition which is available on Foxit official website. To install Foxit PDF Reader App Store Edition from the Mac App Store, please follow the instructions in App Store User Guide. To install Foxit PDF Reader Website Edition, please double-click the package that you have downloaded from Foxit website, and then follow the step-by-step instructions in the Installation Wizard.

Uninstall Foxit PDF Reader

Choose one of the following options to uninstall Foxit PDF Reader:

Update Foxit PDF Reader

For Foxit PDF Reader App Store Edition, please check and install updates in the Mac App Store.

For Foxit PDF Reader Website Edition, please update it by one of the following methods:


Foxit has integrated the collective commands in the ribbon interface and created a new way of working, namely Ribbon Mode. In this mode, commands are arranged by groups and tasks. While reading a PDF file, you can control-click the document name in the application’s title bar to navigate the filesystem trees.

Search and Find Commands

You can easily search and find a command in the menu bar by the name or description of a command.

Foxit Plug-in Platform

For flexible and convenient management of plugins, Foxit PDF Reader offers a Plug-in Platform, in which you can view the plug-in status, learn the information about the plugins installed, as well as manage the plug-ins as needed.

To open Foxit Plug-in Platform, please choose Help in the Ribbon > Foxit Plug-Ins.

Plug-in Status

Plug-in Information

To learn the details of a plug-in, please click More under the general description of the plug-in in the About Foxit Plug-Ins window.

Plug-in Management

Within Foxit Plug-in Platform, you can manage the plug-ins as needed, including installing, enabling, disabling and uninstalling plug-ins.

Install a Plug-in

Foxit PDF Reader allows you to install one or more plug-ins by using an XML file. An XML file defines the information about plug-ins to be installed, and should be used together with .dylib files.

Tip: If you install plug-ins by using an XML file, please place the .xml file and .dylib files in the same folder to avoid an installation failure.

Disable a Plug-in

To disable a plug-in, please follow the steps below:

Enable a plug-in

To enable a plug-in, please follow the steps below:

Uninstall a custom plug-in

To uninstall a custom plug-in (not built by Foxit), please follow the steps below: